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Choosing the right doctor for your child

What to know about choosing a pediatrician.

The doctor you choose is up to you. There are many ways to find out if a doctor is the right fit – location, the language they speak, when they are open, and more. You can find a doctor who fits both your needs and your child’s needs.

You may have questions about how to choose a doctor for your child. Here are some tips to help you find the right pediatrician:

1. Ask someone you trust

A simple first step is to talk to someone you trust about pediatricians they like. Asking family members or friends is a quick way to learn who the people that you trust, trust with their children. You can also ask your health plan for doctors they recommend for your child.

You can also ask your health plan for doctors they recommend for your child.

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2. Look at office websites

Next, check out these doctors’ websites. You can find useful information and get important questions answered.

  • Is the office close to where I live or work?
  • Is it near my child’s day care?
  • How flexible are the office hours?
  • Are they open on weekends or in the evening?
  • Can I schedule same-day or last-minute appointments?
  • What languages do the doctor and staff speak?
  • What are their specialties?
  • Can they provide care for my child’s specific health needs?
  • Do they offer virtual appointments?
  • How much medical training and years of experience does the doctor have?

3. Meet or visit the doctor

Once you have a list of a few doctors, schedule a call or visit to meet them. Writing down your questions before speaking with them for the first time can help you remember what to ask the doctor. And take notes during your visit. Having notes to review later can help you decide which pediatrician is the best fit.

  • Do the staff and doctors make my child and I feel comfortable?
  • Are they professional and welcoming?
  • Do I feel comfortable asking questions?
  • Are they good listeners?
  • Do they explain things clearly to me?

4. Trust your instincts

You decide what is most important when choosing a pediatrician for your child. Knowing more about the doctors and their offices will help you choose the best option for your child.

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